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Premier Auto Repair Services in Birmingham, MI

10+ Years and Thousands of Cars Built to an Exceptional Standard.


Nothing beats the sound of hearing your engine rev. At Boost Controlled Performance, our auto repair shop in Detroit provides exceptional repairs, maintenance, and replacements on performance vehicles around Birmingham, MI, and beyond. 

We’re dedicated to delivering every customer an unparalleled level of customer service and personalized support for their vehicles. If you are looking for a mechanic who loves cars as much as you do, you’ve come to the right place.

Explore Our Services

Dyno Tuning

Our dyno tuning services help you understand exactly how your vehicle clocks in based on measurements of horsepower, torque, and air-fuel mixture. We use a dyno jet to simulate real driving conditions and get the most accurate reading of your engine’s performance. 

Once we know what we’re working with, we can offer personalized suggestions on how you can tweak, modify, or upgrade your vehicle to get the performance you’re looking for, whether you’re driving through Birmingham or planning to race.

Engine Repairs

If you want to upgrade, replace, or need to repair your engine, our expert team will provide the best service you can find at an affordable price. We know how major any engine work is, and we take the time to ensure that your vehicle’s most essential part is well cared for. 

Transmission Repairs

If you need a transmission repair in Birmingham, MI, our skilled team of auto mechanics are always available to help. We can troubleshoot any transmission problems you may be having, such as clunking, shuddering, and fluid leaking. We’ll find the perfect solution to boost your transmission performance and make it run better than ever. 

Performance Parts Installation & Tuning

Buying new car parts is always exciting, and nothing beats the feeling of working with a pro who cares about your vehicle as much as you do. Our performance sales put you in touch with the absolute best parts for your car, including flex fuel systems, turbo and supercharger kits, fuel conversions, OE and performance clutches, and more.

Getting your ride just right sometimes takes more than just trial and error in your garage. Let an expert use their tools, technology, and experience to help you get the speed, sound, and handling you’ve been looking for. 

We can tune your vehicle based on its original parts or any additions you’ve made. We also help tune all the performance parts we sell to make sure 

Wheel Alignment and Tire Repair

We offer wheel alignment, tire repair, replacement, and rotation services to ensure your car’s handling is always extraordinary. Rotating tires ensures even wear and tear, which reduces your risk of damages and even trouble with handling.

Throughout the process, we use a special tool called Hunter Touchless to avoid any direct contact that could scratch or damage your wheels and rims.

Wheel alignment is essential to protect your suspension system and protecting your tires from unnecessary (and costly) damage.

Auto Maintenance 

Boost Controlled Performance is all about giving your vehicle everything it needs to perform beyond your expectations, and auto maintenance is a part of that. While upgrades are great, they also require additional care to ensure your vehicle can handle all that extra power.

Our auto maintenance services are a full-suite of automotive care, ranging from oil changes and filter replacements to factory-recommended maintenance for Ford, GM, Porsche, Lamborghini, and everything in between. 

Auto Repair 

If anything ever goes wrong with your vehicle, rest assured that you’ve got a team of dedicated, skilled experts to take care of it. We can diagnose and repair common and complex problems that may impact your vehicle and offer affordable, practical solutions using OEM parts.

Why Choose Boost Controlled Performance for Your Auto Repair Services in Birmingham, MI? 

Experienced Mechanics

Our team is highly experienced and trained in maintaining performance vehicles. They have the knowledge, experience, and skills to keep your vehicle in top shape by using the leading technology in the field. 

Cutting-Edge Technology

We stay current with the latest innovations in automotive technology to ensure that our customers always get the quality service they deserve. Our equipment helps save you time and money while leading to more efficient, effective repairs.

Transparent Communication

We believe that the relationship you have with your mechanic makes a difference, so we always go the extra mile to keep you informed and make sure you’re completely up-to-speed about what your vehicle needs and the best repair or upgrade options available.

Affordable Solutions

Performance vehicles can be expensive, but we offer competitive prices that make finding the right solution for your budget easy. Let us know what you can afford, and we’ll offer personalized solutions.

Customer Satisfaction

Boost Controlled Performance always puts customers first. We work with each driver to help them find the best solutions, parts, and services for their vehicles. 

For top-rated auto repair in Birmingham, MI, give us a call at  (734) 744-4467. You can find our shop in Livonia, just 30 minutes away. Schedule an appointment with one of our experienced technicians today, and we’ll have your car running better than you ever imagined.

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