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Top-Rated Auto Repair Services in Beverly Hills, MI

10+ Years and Thousands of Cars Built to an Exceptional Standard.


When it comes to performance vehicle repair in Beverly Hills, MI, no one beats Boost Controlled Performance. We take great pride in helping our customers maintain their performance vehicles. Our experts are here to help with any of your repair, tuning, upgrade, and maintenance needs. 

Explore Our Services

Dyno Tuning

We measure the output of your vehicle’s engine to provide an accurate report of its performance. Our performance statistics include horsepower, air-fuel ratio, and torque in order to help you fully understand your engine and its potential for improvement. 

Our dyno tuning services in Beverly Hills, Michigan, helps drivers get the most out of their vehicles by identifying opportunities to optimize their fuel system, engine, transmission, or steering system, depending on their goals.

Engine Repairs

Our passionate team of automotive technicians is skilled in fixing all types of engines, including Ford Power Stroke, V6, V8, turbojet, turboprop, straight-fours and sixes, and more. 

Diesel and gas engines each have unique repair needs. For example, spark plugs on a gasoline engine may need to be replaced, but a diesel engine doesn’t even use them. Instead, they use glow plugs and compression to power your vehicle.

Transmission Repairs

The transmission is an extremely complex and essential part of your vehicle. It delivers all the torque and horsepower your vehicle needs to perform at different speeds. Transmission repairs are considered to be among the most complex in the automotive industry, but our skilled technicians are up for the challenge.

We have years of experience working on transmissions in all types of vehicles, so we can confidently repair any transmission problems you may have. 

Performance Parts Installation & Tuning

Whether you want to go faster, burn less fuel, or upgrade your braking system, we can offer the best performance parts and handle their installation. We also tune any parts you install to ensure that they’re completely optimized for performance and ready to deliver the driving experience you’ve always dreamed of.

If you’ve placed any car mods yourself but still can’t find the right balance, bring your vehicle into our shop. We’ll take a look at what’s under the hood and tell you exactly what you need to reach your goals.

Wheel Alignment and Tire Repair

We offer tire repair for all common issues, including punctures, cracks, and holes, as well as rotation and wheel alignment. Both tire rotation and wheel alignment are important services to protect your tires, prevent undue damage, and ensure your vehicle’s handling stays smooth and reliable.

Auto Maintenance 

Keep your performance car in peak condition with personalized maintenance services performed by experts. Our mechanics love cars, and their interest and experience working on performance vehicles ensure that your suped-up ride gets the level of service it needs to keep delivering exceptional speed on the road.

Auto Repair 

Performance vehicles may be built for maximum power, but they need standard maintenance just like any other vehicle. The greatest difference lies in the recommended frequency of auto service. The more powerful a vehicle, the more maintenance it needs to stay in peak condition.

We offer every type of auto repair service you could possibly need, such as oil, coolant, and transmission fluid changes, filter replacements, engine tuning, fuel system repairs, timing belt replacement, brake pad replacement, and more. 

Why Choose Boost Controlled Performance for Your Auto Repair Services in Beverly Hills? 

Experienced Mechanics

Our mechanics have years of experience working with all makes and models of performance vehicles. From European imports to modified American models, we are confident that we can provide you with the best auto repair in Beverly Hills, MI.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We utilize the latest technology to ensure our customers always get the highest quality service. Our dedication to innovation means you can always expect outstanding results, faster turnarounds, and lower costs from our experienced technicians.

Transparent Communication

We’re open, honest, and always to the point about what your vehicle needs. You can count on us to not only tell you what’s wrong with your vehicle but offer thorough explanations of possible solutions.

Affordable Solutions

We price our services to make them affordable for as many customers as possible. As performance car owners ourselves, we know how expensive it can be to get quality service. Tell us your budget, and we’ll provide you with personalized quotes to help you find a service you can afford.

Customer Satisfaction

Nothing is more important to us than delivering quality customer service and outstanding results. We’re the highest-rated performance car shop in the Detroit area for our communication, timely repairs, affordable rates, and great results. 

Ready to schedule an appointment? Our Livonia performance auto repair and upgrade shop is just a 25-minute drive from Beverly Hills, MI. You can schedule a service today by calling us at (734) 744-4467.

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