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Datalogging Monitors- R35 GTR- ECUTEK

2009-2021 Nissan R35 GTR

PLEASE NOTE: These items are default ecutek log items. You typically do not need to do anything as they are auto-selected. Use this as a reference if you need to manually select the parameters. 

4WD torque split 
Accelerator Pedal Sensor 
AFR Target Base 
AFR Target Final B1 
AFR Target Final B2 
Atmospheric Pressure 
Boost Bank 1 
Boost Bank 2 
Boost Error 
Boost Target 
Clutch Slip 
Coolant Temperature 
CSP Flags 
Engine Load
Engine Oil Pressure 
Engine Speed 
Failsafe Flags 
Failsafe Stored Flags 
FlexFuel Ethanol Content 
Fuel Pressure (relative) (psi)
Fuel pressure compensation
Fuel Temperature 
Fuel Trim Combined 
Fuel trim Long Term Bank 1
Fuel trim Long Term Bank 2
Fuel trim Short Term Bank 1
Fuel trim Short Term Bank 2
Gear Desired
Ignition Timing 
Injector Duty B1
Injector Effective PW 
Injector Low PW Compensation (%) 
Injector Pulse Width Bank 1
Intake Air Temperature 
Knock Correction 
Launch Control Active 
LC Flags 
Log Mark 
Manifold Absolute Pressure (psi) 
Manifold Gauge Pressure (psi) 
Mapswitch Mode 
Mass Airflow B1
Mass Airflow B2 
Mass Airflow Estimated (SD)(gs) 
Mass Airflow Measured (MAF)(gs) 
Mass Airflow Sensor Bank 1 (V) 
Mass Airflow Sensor Bank 2 (V) 
RBC Maximum Desired Boost (psi)
TC Torque Reduction (%) 
Throttle Angle Bank 1
Time (s) 
Torque Actual (Nm) 
Vehicle Speed (mph) 
VVT Intake Angle Bank 1
VVT Target 
Wastegate duty 
Wastegate Duty Base (%)
WG Duty GearAtmo Multiplier (%) 
WG Duty Integral (%) 
WG Duty Proportional (%)
Wheel Slip Ratio (%)
Wheel Speed Front (mph) 
Wheel Speed Rear (mph) 

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