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Datalogging Monitors- 2022+ Subaru WRX

2022+ WRX

AC Compressor SW

AF Correction #1

AF Correction #3

AF Learning #1

AF Learning #3

AF Sensor #1 Ratio

AVCS Intake left/right

AVCS exhaust left/right

Baro Pressure


Calculated Load

CL fuel target

Coolant Temp

Dyn Adv Mult

Ethanol Content (if you have flex fuel)

Feedback Knock

Fine Knock Learn

Fuel Rail Pressure

Fuel Rail Pressure Desired

Ignition Timing

Injection Timing (table)

Injector duty cycle

Intake Temp

Intake Temp Manifold

Manifold Abs. Pressure SD

MAF Corr (gs)

MAF Freq (kHz)

Oil Temp

Req Torque


Target Boost Final Rel

TD Boost Error

Throttle Position

Wastegate Init Pos Final

Wastegate Pos Comm





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