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Subaru STI

Some specific modifications require specific services so please contact us!

BCP STI 400, 450, and 500 Packages 

Available for the 2004-2021 Subaru STI with the EJ25 turbo engine.
The packages will vary based on year and some years require extra items. 




A stock STI makes around 250whp on our dyno

STI400: 290-300 whp on 93 octane     340-350 whp on E85 Fuel

STI450: 350-370 whp on 93 octane         400-420 whp on E85 Fuel

STI500: 400-420 whp on 93 octane     500+whp on E85 Fuel 


• Stock turbo (STI400) or BCP X500+ Turbocharger (STI450,500)
• Front Mount Intercooling system
• BCP Expert Flex Fuel Tuning
• Professional Installation
• All Necessary Gaskets & Fluids
• Dyno Tuning & Road Testing
• Build Folder with dyno sheet and dyno videos
• 6 Month Limited Warranty on All Parts 
• Exceptional Service and Exceptional Performance 

*Power figures are estimates. The power your car makes will vary based on the car itself, your intended use of the car, and conditions during tuning. 


Affordable and fun

Stock Engine
Stock Turbo
Flex Fuel
Intake and Exhaust Upgrades
Engine Safety Upgrades
340-350 Wheel Horsepower
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Our #1 Package

The perfect stock engine package!

Stock Engine
BCP X500+ Turbo
Intake and Exhaust Upgrades
Flex Fuel
400-420 Wheel Horsepower
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For those who want the most!

BCP Built Engine
BCP X500+ Turbo (Or larger)
Flex Fuel
Intake and Exhaust Upgrades
Clutch Upgrade
500+ Wheel Horsepower
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