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BCP COVID-19 Initial Response Plan

The COVID-19 situation has impacted businesses, families, and entire nations worldwide. The severity of it’s impact on America is still unclear, but if the impact on the other countries thus far are an indication of what could happen, we need to be more proactive and act in advance to prevent the spreading of this virus. We are lucky to be in an industry that largely does not require personal interaction. Once we have a vehicle in our possession, we can mostly complete the job with very limited interaction. 


BCP will be making operational adjustments to better suit the well-being of our staff and to prevent the spread of the virus. Effective 3/16/2020, until further notice, the following policies will be in place: 


  • There will be no face-to-face meetings with our clients. Phone and email communication will continue to be our main form of contact. All drop offs will be treated like after-hours drop offs with forms filled out remotely prior to drop off. Pick-ups will be treated the same way, with the exception of a signature. Clients will be required to stay in the lobby, without coming inside our offices or shop area.
  • If you are coming into the lobby for ANY reason, you MUST wear a face covering
  • All vehicles being moved (after check-in, pulling inside) will require use a disinfectant applied to the touched surfaces:

o   Steering Wheel 

o   Shifter 

o   Door handle 

  • Freight deliveries will be left inside the lobby with no contact, unless a specific signature is required (which can be performed at the door). 
  • We will practice continued disinfecting of all door handles, desks, and commonly touched surfaces throughout the day
  • We will practice continued FREQUENT hand washing with soap and water, especially after engaging with the public. 
  • We want to be polite but very clear to our clients that these practices will not be made an exception until further notice.


These adjustments will ensure we are doing everything we can to avoid the spread of COVID-19 while continuing to support our staff and continuing to offer incredible products to our clients. If anyone has any questions, I encourage you to contact me directly. Thank you for understanding and we are looking forward to a prosperous and healthy future. 


Alex Kallin



Boost Controlled Performance, INC